Self-Editing Primer

A crash course in the best practices of narrative style and writing mechanics, based on your own manuscript or work-in-progress.

The Self-Editing Primer provides an in-depth assessment of your writing style and mechanics, based on the principles of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, by Editorial Department founder Renni Browne and coauthor Dave King, with extensive notes to coach you toward being a better editor of your own work. Any self-editing points that would strengthen your voice and style are explained at length and illustrated with examples from the manuscript and generous line-editing samples.

Your editor will put the first 50 pages of a full manuscript or work-in-progress under the microscope, flagging all examples of problematic or ill-advised mechanics and providing detailed explanations of the best alternative approaches, using examples from your own manuscript. In addition to overall notes, a sample line-edit of at least 5 pages will also be included to demonstrate how to implement the relevant suggestions.

Included in the price is half an hour of phone or email consultation with the reviewing editor. This session gives you the opportunity to ask questions, clarify, and discuss editor recommendations. Consultation beyond the time included with the Self-Editing Primer, if desired, is available at our standard rate of $75 per hour.


Turnaround time for Self-Editing Primer is typically 3-4 weeks.

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.