Manuscript Consultation

Ongoing editorial feedback and development support via notes, phone, or in-person discussion.

TED’s Manuscript Consultation service is designed to be highly flexible and easily tailored to accommodate the scope of the feedback desired, the author’s budget, and the preferred method of feedback. It’s ideal for informal coaching on just about any topic, and also addressing ongoing developmental efforts requiring a good deal of back and forth, or for our editors to provide assistance on matters not addressed by flat-rate services. Feedback can be provided by phone, e-mail, editorial memo, notes in the manuscript, or any combination that suits your needs. (Consultation is also available in-person in some cities.)

Manuscript Consultation is most useful for authors who like to work in sections or who work best in closer contact with their editor where they can ask questions and get feedback as things come up. This service is often offered as a follow-up to a full manuscript critique when more hands-on help is desired for addressing challenges and working on problem areas.

$.004 per word for reading plus $75 per hour for feedback by whatever method the author chooses. Time is tracked by the editor and invoices for accrued time are typically sent twice monthly.

Varies based on length of material to be reviewed.

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.