Marketing 101 Primer

A one-on-one crash course in book marketing, targeted for your title and audience.

Looking for a budget-friendly way to get started with marketing? Consider discussing your book with an experienced book marketing professional in a guided, personalized conversation. This package includes a meeting of up to 2 hours with our strategic marketing consultant Beth Jusino, via phone or Skype.

Prior to the call, you’ll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire designed to familiarize her (and often, you) with your opportunities and audience. Your consultation will then focus on your most effective strategies for book marketing and will help you prioritize the most practical, results-driven steps to best promote you and your book.

Beth will provide a comprehensive introduction to book marketing as well as more targeted feedback on specific concerns and questions, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluating your cover art, cover copy, author bio, and pricing strategy
  • Social media opportunities (Do you need a Facebook page? Should you Tweet?)
  • Working with a traditional publisher (What should they do? What should you do?)
  • Working with Amazon and other online retailers
  • Contests
  • Advertising
  • PR and media campaigns
  • Getting bookstores and libraries to carry your book

After your marketing consultation, we’ll send you a follow-up guide for getting started with book marketing.

A marketing primer is appropriate for and can be tailored for writers who are going to traditionally or self-publish.

$375, plus a one-time nominal setup fee for new clients.

Most consultations can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of when we receive your completed questionnaire. The best time to implement the plan is 2-3 months before the book release, but we can help through the release itself, or even tailor a plan for a “re-launch” of a title that has been out for a while.

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.