Book Jacket Copy

Compelling book summaries for cover and catalog copy to attract buyers.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Book buyers will judge your book based on the quality of what they read on the back cover or on the product page of an online retailer site. You need to have a clear, compelling description that draws prospective buyers in and makes them want to read more.

Marketing consultant Beth Jusino, will read your book and write commercially appealing jacket copy, between 100-200 words in length that you can use for the cover, catalog, and all promotional purposes.

$.004 per word for reading (if required) plus $150 for writing of flap copy, plus a one-time nominal setup fee for new clients.  Price includes one round of revisions based on your feedback.

1-2 weeks

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.