Fiction Technique Memo

An intensive course in advanced fiction writing technique, based on a complete manuscript or work-in-progress.

The Fiction Technique Memo coaches plot and scene construction, character creation and development, dialogue content and delivery, and dramatic structure—using examples from your own manuscript throughout. This makes it a personalized crash course in fiction craft.

At a minimum length of 45 pages, the Fiction Technique Memo is our most comprehensive and in-depth service for teaching novel craft. It’s ideal for the writer who has good instincts and ideas but doesn’t yet have a firm grasp on how to put a novel together and keep readers turning its pages.

Included in the price is half an hour of phone or email consultation with the reviewing editor. This session gives the author the opportunity to ask questions, clarify, discuss the points of craft raised by the editor. Consultation beyond the time included with the Fiction Technique Memo, if desired, is available at our standard rate of $75 per hour.


Turnaround time for Fiction Technique Memos is typically five weeks.

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.