Copy Editing

Correction plus edits for clarity, flow, and conformity to style.

Copy editing usually follows an editor’s thorough line edit and the author’s final revision. By the time a manuscript reaches copy editing, the content should be solid, with no macro issues (e.g., plot discrepancies, time line issues, confusing structure, etc.). The copy edit’s primary focus is not only on correcting mechanics/formatting and ensuring internal consistency, but also on correcting any other perceived flaws that undermine the manuscript’s effectiveness.

A copy edit will:

  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other matters of mechanics
  • Improve syntax, usage, parallel construction, pronoun referents, and other matters of clarity
  • Standardize indents, line spacing, page numbering, and other matters of formatting
  • Ensure proper use of foreign words, Latin abbreviations, quotations, and other matters of style according to The Chicago Manual of Style (or other specified style guide, if agreed on beforehand)
  • Point out any remaining issues that would benefit from further author attention

If your plan is to seek traditional publication, a copy edit is usually sufficient correction prior to submitting the manuscript to agents. If you’re a self publishing author, copy editing is the last hands-on editing prior to layout and typesetting.

Standard rate of $.016 per word, subject to adjustment as appropriate based on scope and depth of editing required.

Varies based on length of material to be edited, but typically no more than 5 weeks.

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