Line and Copy Editing

Polishing of narrative style and correction of manuscript text.

We offer three levels of line and copy editing services with options ranging from basic correction of spelling and grammar to a comprehensive polishing edit and coaching notes to help bring out the best in your narrative voice and elevate the appeal of your prose style.

Our line and copy editing services are for manuscripts whose concept, content, and structure have been refined to the point where they’re truly ready for polishing and final correction. The process varies based on your manuscript’s needs,  and all editing is done electronically using a “track changes” feature that allows you to accept, modify, or reject all suggested edits. We can provide both clean as-edited copy along with the tracked version, which shows what’s been cut, inserted, or modified.

Pricing for editing services starts at $.008 per word and is based on the scope, depth, and nature of the editing required. We provide written no-cost/no-obligation quotes and assign editors based on careful consideration of your manuscript’s needs and the level of editing that best fits what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Line Editing

A polishing edit to bring out the best in your narrative voice and otherwise strengthen literary style, flow, and proportion.

Pricing starts at $.02 per word

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Copy Editing

A pre-publication edit focused on error correction, consistency of formatting and usage, style-guide compliance, and preparations for final layout.

Pricing starts at $.016 per word

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Final correction of typos and any formatting errors that may have been introduced in book layout or preproduction stages.

Pricing starts at $.008 per word

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Our line and copy editing services can be provided in a variety of ways for complete manuscripts, samples, or in-progress works of any length. Please contact Jane Ryder at the Tucson office for more information or visit our welcome center to get started.