Developmental Outline & Storyboarding

Flexible support with outlining, book planning, and scene-by-scene story development.

For new projects and promising works-in-progress that nevertheless need substantial revision on points of plot and structure to achieve their full potential, it’s often faster and more economical to work with an outline rather than a full manuscript.

If you don’t already have an outline, we can help you construct one; if you do, we can help you work out the kinks before you start writing or rewriting.

Developmental Outline Package

If you’d like help creating a strong, scene-by-scene outline that can serve as a conceptual storyboard, our Developmental Outline Package provides a high level of support in story planning via collaboration with an experienced editor and screenwriter. After reading the existing manuscript and identifying goals and objectives relating to plot, structure, characterization, and pacing, outlining specialist John Robert Marlow will work closely with you to distill the story down to a detailed synoptic outline.

This document becomes the foundation of the effort to address almost any challenge pertaining to plot, structure, sequence, pacing, and scene content. It provides a tool for brainstorming and experimentation with solutions and a vehicle to think through the implementation of changes to the story, and to plan the next draft. The goal is a fully realized outline to guide the revision process (or in some cases an adaptation) and to expedite the rewriting process.

The Developmental Outline Package is most appropriate for novels, multi-volume series, and screenplay adaptations.

Outline Consultation

If you already have an outline or feel up to creating one on your own but would like guidance before you jump into writing/rewriting, we’re happy to give you feedback on everything from plot to structure to character development. We can help fill in plot holes, make your protagonist more proactive and engaging, ensure the pacing is neither too fast nor too slow, and generally keep you from wasting your time and creative energy with wrong turns and blind alleys.

The exact form of the feedback depends on your preferred method of outlining, but is designed to give you specific, concrete, actionable notes on what’s working and what isn’t, with suggestions for addressing the latter.


$75 per hour, with flat-rate pricing available in most situations.

Getting Started

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