Manuscript Annotation

Detailed critique and guidance via editorial memorandum and margin comments in manuscript text.

Manuscript annotation is a hybrid service consisting of overview notes addressing big-picture analysis (similar to our manuscript evaluation) and then copious “close notes” inserted directly as comments in the manuscript. The editor who reads your manuscript will not only address strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions in the overview memo, but will also provide comments in more specific detail throughout the manuscript.

Annotation includes an overview memo that summarizes how the story or narrative is working as a whole with attention to plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue and writing style (for fiction); and organization, structure, effectiveness and clarity (for nonfiction). In addition, this service includes running commentary throughout your manuscript providing suggestions and ideas, and flagging specific matters in need of attention or further consideration. The result can be thought of as a very comprehensive and detailed roadmap through the revision process, with focus on big-picture matters affecting the book as a whole, as well as highly specific matters of execution. This service is most appropriate for later drafts of manuscripts or works that are already reasonably sound in structure. If you’re not sure annotation is right for you, we’d be happy to advise.

Please note that no changes or edits are made in the text with annotation.

Pricing for the manuscript annotation starts at $0.014 per word. For shorter works, please contact the Tucson office.

Click here to see a manuscript annotation sample.

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