Overview of Services

Our first priority at The Editorial Department is to help you master your craft and create books that stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Our second priority is to provide exceptional support for everything else after your book is edited.

If your goal is to publish traditionally, our literary agent consultants and editors with in-house acquisitions experience will help you navigate the submissions process. If you’re publishing independently, we can connect you with exceptional book designers and provide guidance and support through the entire process. Once your release is planned or your book is out, you can count on our experienced book marketing team for hands-on coaching, planning, and support.

Publishing is an industry that demands a lot of its authors, and we have the experience and know-how to help you with every step of the journey.

Developmental Editing

Evaluative feedback and in-depth guidance on revision to bring out a manuscript’s full potential and prepare a work in progress for final editing

  • Ongoing relationships with experienced editors who can help you hone your craft and bring out the best in your story and its writing
  • Supporting feedback on marketability from literary agents and other industry insiders
  • Targeted consultation to maximize literary merit, commercial appeal, a high standard of quality, and full realization of your publishing goals
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Line and Copy Editing

Editing and coaching to strengthen voice, polish prose, correct errors, and ready your manuscript for traditional or independent publication

  • Line editing: includes polishing, improving flow, clarifying language, eliminating dead weight, and bringing out the best in your narrative voice
  • Copyediting: includes correction of errors and inconsistencies as well as edits for conformity to a style guide, usually done prior to typesetting
  • Proofing: final corrections, usually of a galley or publication proof

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Ghostwriting & Adaptation

Professional collaboration, ghostwriting, and screenplay adaptation services

  • Ghostwriting and collaboration for novels, narrative nonfiction, and screenplays
  • Evaluations of film adaptation potential for novels, memoirs, biographies, and more
  • Editing and consultation on treatments and other documentation to pitch original screenplays and prepare for opportunities with agents, managers, and producers

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Traditional Publishing Support

Guidance and hands-on support in attracting agents and publishers, query and pitch consultation, book proposals, agent research and referrals

  • Candid evaluation of your work’s suitability and readiness for traditional publication
  • Guidance on maximizing the appeal of your book to agents and publishers
  • Consultation and editing for query letters, synopses, and book proposals
  • Introductions and referrals to literary agents who represent the kind of book you’ve written

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Self-Publishing Support

Hands-on guidance and support with everything a self-publishing author needs to release books that meet an exceptional design standard using any printer, publisher, or provider

  • Introductions to carefully vetted specialists in cover design, interior page design, original illustration, technical charts, and diagrams
  • Personalized guidance and education to familiarize your with the best practices of successful self-publication
  • Advice on pricing, budgeting, production timeline, release planning, and more

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Book Marketing and Author Publicity

Guidance and hands-on marketing support to help you plan your book release, promote the book, establish or expand your author platform, and drive sales.

  • Education and mentoring on the best practices of marketing and publicity (for authors new to marketing)
  • Strategic planning and implementation support (for established authors)
  • Promotional writing, including press releases, promotional copy, and advertising
  • Social networking, author website design, reviewer and media outreach

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