Traditional Publishing Support

Literary agent outreach & referral, query letter consultation, book proposal development.

One thing that separates The Editorial Department from others in the field is our track record of helping our clients find agents and traditional publishers. We have over three decades of experience in helping new and established authors place manuscripts and book proposals with literary agents. (You can read more about these placements here.) Many of our clients have published with major New York houses and some have gone on to become national bestsellers.

Our traditional publishing support program is generally focused on helping you find quality literary representation at the conclusion of the manuscript development and editing processes. You’ll work directly with editors who have in-house publishing experience and current and former literary agents who know how to cast the best light on a manuscript’s commercial potential. The process varies based on the nature of the project and the best course for it, but may include:

  • Hands-on help in developing, editing, and perfecting stellar pitch materials, including query letters, synopses, book proposals, and more
  • Suggestions for specific agents to approach and the best way to approach them
  • Advice and guidance from knowledgeable industry insiders on how to pitch your work to agents and prepare for conference events where you have the opportunity to meet agents and editors directly
  • Introductions and referrals to agents whom we know personally and who are likely to be good fits for exceptional manuscripts. (A by-invitation-only program.)

While there’s never any guarantee that working with The Editorial Department will result in landing an agent or securing a publishing contract, we can definitely improve the odds. We have helped dozens of good agents and good writers find one another over the years, and our support in this role has been instrumental in bringing many good books into print.

Pricing for traditional publishing support services starts at $150 and is always based on the scope of the work involved. We provide written no-cost/no-obligation quotes based on the nature of the help that’s needed and the services that are the best fit for what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Supplemental Agent Feedback

Feedback from experienced, working literary agents on market and fit for traditional publishing that supplements any critique or developmental editing service.

This is a by-invitation-only service. Please contact the Tucson office for details and to inquire about eligibility.

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Query and Submission Packet Evaluation

Critique and revision guidance on your query letter, synopsis, and first 50 pages from experienced publishing professionals.


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Book Proposals

Critique, development support, and editing for nonfiction and memoir book proposals, including sample chapters.

Pricing starts at $325

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Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.

Traditional publishing support services can be provided in a variety of ways for complete manuscripts, book proposals, and submission samples of any length. Please contact Ross Browne at the Tucson office for more information or visit our welcome center to get started.