Introductory Critique: Written critique of a manuscript’s first 2500 words assessing craft, market, and overall effectiveness. (Includes follow up consultation by phone or email.) $75. Details

Manuscript Evaluation: Editorial memo assessing commercial and literary potential and areas for improvement. $.01 per word. Details

Manuscript Annotation: Detailed critique and guidance on revision via editorial memorandum and annotations in manuscript text. $.014 per word. Details

Line Editing: A high level polishing edit to bring out the best in narrative voice. $.02 per word and up. Details

Copy Editing: Correction plus edits for clarity, flow, and conformity to style. $.016 per word. Details

Proofreading: Basic proofing and correction of manuscript text. $.008 per word. Details

Manuscript Consultation: Ongoing editorial feedback and development support via notes, e-mail, or phone discussion. $75 per hour. Details

Reread Report: Followup review and feedback for a new draft of a revised manuscript already reviewed at least once by TED. $.01 per word. Details

Developmental Outline Package: Comprehensive development support and book planning using a scene-by-scene outline. $75 per hour. Details

Self-Editing Primer: A crash course in the best practices of narrative style and writing mechanics, based on your own manuscript or work-in-progress. $775. Details  

Task Memo: In-depth lessons on specific topics of writing craft, based on a complete manuscript or work-in-progress. $750 and up. Details  

Coaching Line Editing: Sample line-edit of 50 pages of manuscript with copious craft-focused notes. $750 and up. Details

Fiction Technique Memo: An intensive course in advanced fiction writing technique, based on a complete manuscript or work-in-progress. $2200. Details


Collaboration and Ghostwriting: Professional authorship or co-authorship of novels, narrative nonfiction,  screenplays, and screen treatments. Pricing based on nature of project and scope of work. (Please contact the Tucson office for more information.)

Personal Consultation: Feedback and guidance from experienced screenwriters on the market for adapted works and best practices for courting representation, options, and sales. $75 per hour. Details

Adaptation Evaluation: Written evaluation and follow-up consultation providing a candid, knowledgeable assessment of a manuscript’s film or TV crossover potential. Pricing starts at $.01 per word. Details


Supplemental Agent Feedback:  Feedback from experienced, working literary agents on market and fit for traditional publishing that supplements any critique or developmental editing service. $75 per hour, with flat rate options available. (Please contact the Tucson office for more information.)

Query and Submission Packet Evaluation: Critique and revision guidance on your query letter, synopsis, and first 50 pages from experienced publishing professionals. $250. Details

Book Proposals: Critique, development support, and editing for nonfiction and memoir book proposals, including sample chapters. $325 and up. Details

Marketing 101 Primer: A one-on-one crash course in book marketing, targeted for your title and audience. $375. Details

First Year Marketing Plan: A comprehensive, personalized, step-by-step package for your first year in print. $1250. Details

Book Jacket Copy: Compelling book summaries for cover and promotional copy to attract buyers. Pricing starts at $150. Details

Infrastructure Marketing Package: Practical, tactical marketing assessment/recommendations, available for both new and established authors. Pricing starts at $400. Details

If you’d like more information about any of these services, please contact Ross Browne at the Tucson office.