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July 22, 2015
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July 23, 2015
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The Last Six Million Seconds

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by John Burdett

An exciting new thriller, in the tradition of Gorky Park.

In shops throughout Hong Kong, clocks are ticking down the seconds before control passes from the British to the Chinese on June 30, 1997. With The Last Six Million Seconds, John Burdett has written a riveting and timely thriller that takes place on the eve of the changeover.

Royal Hong Kong Chief of Police Chan Siu-kai (“Charlie”) is called to the harbor at the South China Sea and discovers three heads floating in the water. Confronted with a case of triple homicide, Chan has to find out why the coast guard and an outside agency are opposed to his investigation. Chan, a determined Eurasian policeman, goes in search of the killer and the truth behind the British government’s involvement, while uncovering the shocking behind-the- scenes machinations of the Red Chinese.

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