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The Fourth Procedure

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Stanley Pottinger

This First Procedure: The patient is perfect. The theory is borne out, But something goes terribly wrong….

An accomplished attorney prepares to argue a life-and-death case before a Supreme Court nominee hostile to her cause… One of the country’s leading surgeons, a pioneer in organ transplants, answers an emergency call to assist an operation in progress…. And in a morgue in Washington, D.C., a medical examiner and a police detective hover over a body found in a parking lot, a body that has been tampered with….

The Second Procedure: The police are adopted. A pattern is emerging. Time is running out….

Congressman Jack MacLeod is haunted by an episode that changed his life forever. Now Jack’s life is about to explode again: the police arrive at his door. Evidence links him to the strange death of a man who last lived in a hallway house in his New York City district….

The Third Procedure: Complications terminate it. The risks are mounting. There’s only one alternative….

Suddenly events spin out of control. Backroom deals made by the most powerful men in the country threaten to destroy Jack’s political future. The secret from Jack’s past falls into the hands of a media savvy opponent who can’t wait to use it. And in the shadows, a plan, so outrageous and unthinkable of it will smash every assumption about the limits of the human body is nearing its showing conclusion.

The Fourth Procedure: When it happens, it will make medical history. And then no man will be safe….

Combining the best elements of explosive courtroom drama and groundbreaking medical technology with controversial social issues, The Fourth Procedure explores fundamental questions of life and death. It will take the listener beyond the boundaries of today’s medicine to an all-too-plausible scenario of a frightening future. It is the most terrifying legal-medical thriller.

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Publisher(s): Ballantine Books, Random House Audio

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  1. Ross Browne


    “Mining the emotional cauldron of abortion rights, this superbly crafted medical thriller deftly probes every conceivable angle through characters that would seem cliched if they weren’t so visible in today’s headlines. Pottinger lays out his riveting debut on a vast canvas, topping it off with a brazen plot twist virtually guaranteed to thrill some readers and appall others? but leave no one unmoved. He has painstakingly assembled a large (though never unwieldy) cast, carefully maneuvering them through interlocking scenarios that are both individually engrossing and collectively formidable. The story is centered on N.Y. congressman Jack MacLeod and organ transplant pioneer Dr. Rachel Redpath, each of whom has lost a loved one to a back-alley abortionist and has made pro-choice politics a priority. This commitment is shared by Rachel’s best friend?and Jack’s live-in lover? Victoria, a Washington, D.C., lawyer who defends battered women. Added to the potent mix are, among others, an influential, 27-year Senate veteran; the president of a heavily funded anti-abortion society, a strong Washington lobby; and a pro-life appellate judge who becomes Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Such often standard-issue devices as blackmail, dicey pregnancies, bombings and mysteriously appearing corpses are given new vigor in this novel’s dexterous plotting. Pottinger handily proves the adage that politics makes strange bedfellows, adding ironic twists that skewer long-accepted assumptions. 250,000 first printing; $250,000 ad/promo.” (Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

    Publishers Weekly

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