January 11, 2016
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January 14, 2016
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Have You Seen Her?

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Have You Seen Her? by Rich Silvers

Since the accident, Jack Logan always feels dirty. He knows it’s the guilt. The successful money manager had yet to get his priorities straight – a flaw that led him to break a promise and cost him both his wife and his unborn daughter. Now his life is a maddening series of obsessions and rituals that alienate his friends and plague his mind. Jack spirals out of control until a postcard arrives in the mail with a photo of a missing, hauntingly familiar, girl. Jack pours his grief and diminished sanity into finding the runaway who looks so much like his wife. Why would she run away? Why doesn’t her father seem to care? And why does his sister-in-law seem to care so much? Jack’s search for a girl he’s never met takes him down dangerous streets and to shady corners of his wife’s past, where he uncovers a truth that shakes his perception of reality. Or does it? Early reviews call Have You Seen Her? a “riveting” psychological thriller,” and debut novelist Rich Silvers a “diabolically clever writer.”

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