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December 7, 2015
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December 9, 2015
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by Fran Dorf

At the Drummond Rehabilitation Center, Lana Paluka regains consciousness after two decades in a catatonic state. Now 38 years old, the former flower child of the sixties cannot remember her fall from a deserted cliff, nor the trial that resulted in her boyfriend Ethan’s imprisonment for her attempted murder. And even as Lana’s doctors ponder the miracle of her recovery, Ethan escapes from prison and makes his way toward her, leaving a bloody trail of mayhem in his wake. At the same time, Jack Wells, a reporter who knew Lana when they were teenagers, painstakingly begins to uncover the secrets of Lana’s past, an investigation which leads him inexorably back to the hidden heart of his own family, and to truths he has long denied. Alternating thrilling and suspenseful scenes of Jack’s relentless inquiry with shocking, poignant memories of the past, Flight is a haunting, magical novel that unleashes the darkest of human passions, even as it attests to the power of enduring love.

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