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Any Woman’s Blues

“Any Woman’s Blues is a steamy smorgasbord of sexual obsession, drug addiction, alcoholism and self-destruction.”

Chicago Sun-Times

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A Novel of Obsession

Erica Jong

Any Woman’s Blues, first published in 1990, is a tale of addiction and narcissism-the twin obsessions of our age. World-famous folk singer Leila Sand emerged from the sixties and seventies with addictions to drugs and booze. Leila’s latest addiction is to a younger man who leaves her sexually ecstatic but emotionally bereft. The orgasmic frenzies trump the betrayals, so she keeps coming back for more.

Eventually, Leila frees herself by learning the rules of love, the Twelve Steps, and the Key to Serenity in an odyssey that takes her from AA meetings to dens of sin, parties with “names” worth dropping, and erotic gondola rides.

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Harpercollins, Tarcher

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