Infrastructure Marketing Package

Practical, tactical marketing assessment and recommendations, available for both new and established authors.

The infrastructure marketing package is designed to provide a personalized review of any existing marketing an author may be doing (website, social media, press releases, book review campaigns, etc.), with an eye to missed opportunities and ways outreach and engagement may be improved. If the author has yet to establish any marketing platforms, the focus instead will be on the basics and how to utilize them effectively. Both new and established authors can expect suggestions and recommendations tailored to the needs of their project and its audience.

Our marketing specialist will read your book or manuscript in its entirety and review any existing marketing infrastructure you may have in place, before scheduling a consultation with you via phone. This gives you the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of any marketing you’re already doing, ask questions you may have, brainstorm opportunities to promote and engage, and get recommendations for next steps. An optional written outline can be included for an additional fee.

Packages start at $400 for authors with no existing infrastructure; $550 for authors with an established online presence.

Turnaround time for an infrastructure marketing package is typically 4-5  weeks.

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.