Independent Publishing Support

Expert guidance and education in publishing your own book to an exceptional standard of quality.

Our publishing support services take the anxiety out of self-publishing and provide expert, highly personalized guidance with all facets of your book’s publication. We can help with planning and logistical considerations, and can provide objective, knowledgeable recommendations regarding design, print options, distribution, and marketing to give your book the best chance of success in today’s crowded marketplace.

For authors new to publishing or those who want to understand it better, we offer:

  • One-on-one consultation with a publishing specialist to familiarize you with the process and help you prepare to publish your book with any provider
  • Customized checklists and support documentation to help you budget, plan, and manage the process of becoming your own publisher
  • Experienced advice on choosing a print provider, whether POD or offset, with an eye to your desired distribution channels (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • Recommendations for coding and distribution of e-books (Smashwords, Kindle, etc.)
  • Personalized guidance on the many decisions that need to be made along the way including trim size, pricing, trade discounts, selection of e-book and other formats
  • Support for the set-up of your publishing imprint and the necessary accounts for production, order fulfillment, and sales via online retailers
  • Expert, personalized marketing plans and strategies for your first year in print and beyond

For authors who have published before (and may not have been fully satisfied), we offer the above as needed, plus:

  • Personalized education on the best practices of successful self-publishing (and how to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes)
  • Objective, experienced, knowledgeable feedback on the cover, typography, interior formatting, and imprint/logo for your previously published books
  • Expert assistance in developing — or breaking away from — your own design “brand”
  • Experienced analysis of existing marketing infrastructure with recommendations for improvement
  • Personally tailored recommendations for effective use of social media and other platforms

For all authors, we can help with:

  • Professional, expert advice on whether your book is really ready to go to print
  • Understanding how to get the best results from your designers, print providers, and e-book coders
  • Pre-vetted recommendations for professional cover design, interior layout, and formatting providers for your print and/or e-book release
  • Questions about traditional or self-publishing and which avenue would be best for your project

Please note that we offer a complete menu of developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services. We believe all books are better with professional editing, but it’s not mandatory to engage our publishing support services.

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Self Publishing Primer

A comprehensive introduction of the process for authors new to self-publishing.


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Publishing Consultation

Custom tailored support and guidance for new and experienced authors on any facet of the publishing process.

$75 per hour. Please contact the Tucson office for more information

Please visit our online welcome center or call us at (520) 546-9992.

Our publishing support services help you plan and execute your book’s design and publication with any printer, publisher, or online retailer. Please contact Ross Browne at the Tucson office for more information or visit our welcome center to get started.