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Founded in 1980 by Renni Browne, coauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and one of the most experienced book editors working in publishing today, The Editorial Department has a 35-year track record of turning promising manuscripts into successful books. We have 18 editors on staff, many of whom are seasoned veterans of traditional publishing and uniquely qualified to help you write the very best book possible with the best chance of success once published, traditionally or independently.

Our clients include several New York Times bestselling authors and range from writers seeking publication for the first time to established authors looking to take their careers to the next level. Our highly personalized approach to the support we provide has earned us feature coverage from The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Writers Digest, and "recommended" status by the Internet's top watchdog group for writers, Preditors & Editors.

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Empowering success in publishing through excellence in writing

The Editorial Department gives you highly personalized support from credentialed industry experts in all facets of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing your book. Our dedicated team of editors, literary agent consultants, and other publishing support staff provide expert guidance and clear direction, first in making your book as good as it can be, then in getting it published, and finally in giving it the best chance of success in the marketplace. Whether you’re working on your first book or your fifteenth, whether your goal is traditional or independent publication, whether you’ve got a rough draft teeming with potential or a polished final draft that’s ready to find its readership, The Editorial Department is uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

Our client services director, Jane Ryder, will be your welcome at the door and your guide through the entire process. For more information or to get started, please call Jane at (520) 546-9992, e-mail her at, or click the button below.

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Editor and author Renni Browne

Renni Browne has been an editor for over fifty years. Her career path includes senior editor positions with several major New York publishers prior to founding the industry's oldest authors services firm. She is coauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, whose first edition was published by HarperCollins in 1993 and has remained a bestselling craft book for writers ever since. She founded The Editorial Department in 1980 to provide nurturance, guidance, and world-class editing to promising manuscripts and their authors.

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Our Promise: Exceptional Service in Support of Exceptional Books

If you’re a serious writer, you probably know that it takes a lot more than talent to be successful. Whether you publish traditionally or independently, your odds of success are best when you’re uncompromising about the quality of what you write and diligent in preparing for all the other demands that go with getting published and cultivating a wide readership.

Our first priority at The Editorial Department is to help you master your craft and create books that stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Our second priority is to provide exceptional support for everything else.

If your goal is to publish traditionally, our literary agent consultants and editors with big-house acquisitions experience will help you navigate the submissions process. If you’re publishing independently, our experienced publishing support team can connect you with exceptional book designers and provide a clear guidance and support through the entire process. Once your release is planned or your book is out, you can count on our experienced book marketing team for hands-on coaching, planning, and support.

Publishing is an industry that demands a lot of its authors, and we have the experience and know-how to help you with every step of the journey.

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