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Founded in 1980 by Renni Browne, coauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and one of the most experienced book editors working in publishing today, The Editorial Department has a 35-year track record of turning promising manuscripts into successful books. We have 18 editors on staff, many of whom are seasoned veterans of traditional publishing and uniquely qualified to help you write the very best book possible with the best chance of success once published, traditionally or independently.

Our clients include several New York Times bestselling authors and range from writers seeking publication for the first time to established authors looking to take their careers to the next level. Our highly personalized approach to the support we provide has earned us feature coverage from The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Writers Digest, and "recommended" status by the Internet's top watchdog group for writers, Preditors & Editors.

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Empowering success in publishing through excellence in writing

The Editorial Department gives you highly personalized support from credentialed industry experts in all facets of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing your book. Our dedicated team of editors, literary agent consultants, and other publishing support staff provide expert guidance and clear direction, first in making your book as good as it can be, then in getting it published, and finally in giving it the best chance of success in the marketplace. Whether you’re working on your first book or your fifteenth, whether your goal is traditional or independent publication, whether you’ve got a rough draft teeming with potential or a polished final draft that’s ready to find its readership, The Editorial Department is uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

Our client services director, Jane Ryder, will be your welcome at the door and your guide through the entire process. For more information or to get started, please call Jane at (520) 546-9992, e-mail her at, or click the button below.

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Editor and author Renni Browne

Renni Browne has been an editor for over fifty years. Her career path includes senior editor positions with several major New York publishers prior to founding the industry's oldest authors services firm. She is coauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, whose first edition was published by HarperCollins in 1993 and has remained a bestselling craft book for writers ever since. She founded The Editorial Department in 1980 to provide nurturance, guidance, and world-class editing to promising manuscripts and their authors.

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Our Promise: Exceptional Service in Support of Exceptional Books

If you’re a serious writer, you probably know that it takes a lot more than talent to be successful. Whether you publish traditionally or independently, your odds of success are best when you’re uncompromising about the quality of what you write and diligent in preparing for all the other demands that go with getting published and cultivating a wide readership.

Our first priority at The Editorial Department is to help you master your craft and create books that stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Our second priority is to provide exceptional support for everything else.

If your goal is to publish traditionally, our literary agent consultants and editors with big-house acquisitions experience will help you navigate the submissions process. If you’re publishing independently, our experienced publishing support team can connect you with exceptional book designers and provide a clear guidance and support through the entire process. Once your release is planned or your book is out, you can count on our experienced book marketing team for hands-on coaching, planning, and support.

Publishing is an industry that demands a lot of its authors, and we have the experience and know-how to help you with every step of the journey.

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  • "Renni Browne is tough but in a good way. She's also supportive, complimentary, encouraging, and funny as heck. When she tells you something is falling flat, she means it, and when she tells you she loves something, she means it. And when I say Renni has been a wonderful editor, mentor, support-system, cheerleader, coach, and now someone I call a friend, and I mean it."
    Chevy Stevens, best-selling Author of Still Missing, Never Knowing, Always Watching, That Night, and Those Girls
    Chevy Stevens books
  • "I've partnered with The Editorial Department on my last three novels because I know my books are far better as a result. We writers aren't the best judge of our own work, so it's incredibly helpful to receive their professional feedback and support."
    Laura Fitzgerald, bestselling author of Veil of Roses, Dreaming in English, and other titles
    Laura Fitzgerald
  • "John Marlow and I have worked on a development outline of my manuscript for three months. To have 20 hours, one-on-one with John on the phone has been absolutely invaluable to me; the best investment I've ever made. I trust him completely and feel that he has my best interests at heart. I can't say enough of how much I've learned from him. Thanks John. Thanks TED!"
    Ulla Hakanson, author of The Price of Silence
    Ulla Hakanson book
  • "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experiences with the professionals at the Editorial Department. They helped me write my second book, from initial concept to manuscript completion, in less than two months."
    Steven Knope, MD, author of Concierge Medicine
    Steven Knope, MD book
  • "To the folks at The Editorial Department, Renni Browne and Shannon Roberts, this book is light years ahead of where it was before I started working with you. I give you my utmost thanks."
    D. Robert Pease, author of the Noah Zarc series and other titles
    Robert Pease books
  • "I am completely blown away by the feedback from Renni Browne and Shannon Roberts - and feel more encouraged than ever that this is the type of novel writing I want to transition my career into. That kind of clear and concise feedback is absolutely invaluable, and I can see now why so many published authors continue to work with TED after succeeding."
    Mags Storey, author of Dead Girls Don’t and other titles
    Mags Storey book
  • "I’m grateful, too, to have had the help of publishing professionals associated with The Editorial Department, among them Doug Wagner, Amanda Bauch, Beth Jusino, and the ever-masterful Morgana Gallaway. I wish to thank my friend Kelly Leslie for designing a series of visually striking book covers."
    Holland Kane, author of Winter Reeds and other titles
    Holland Kane book
  • "I feel lucky. I feel humbled. But most of all, I feel grateful. I'm grateful to everyone at the Editorial Department, and especially grateful to Renni Browne. Without them, my dream would not have come true."
    Scott Pratt, author of An Innocent Client and other titles in the Joe Dillard series
    Scott Pratt books
  • "I have been very happy in my experience with the Editorial Department thus far. For a young writer such as myself, the commentary goes beyond the piece in question to serve as a sort of education in and of itself."
    Taylor Brown, author of In The Season of Blood & Gold
    Taylor Brown book
  • "Jane Ryder is an excellent handshake at the door. Got the immediate impression that she is the major domo with a very warm personality. Karinya Funsett-Topping has been prompt and thorough with trustworthy professional guidance. Doug Wagner I trust completely with the details. Peter Gelfan was very helpful as a focusing lens to guide me in reevaluating the manuscript. I was in the hands of very competent professionals who did not BS me on the work but sincerely gave guidance and encouragement, not just to string me along for another payment. I felt this team looked after me and my work, rather than just doing another business deal."
    Stephen Foehr, author of Water War and other titles
    Stephen Foehr book
  • "Several years ago Ross Browne critiqued my manuscript, Poison Pen (a mystery introducing handwriting expert, Claudia Rose), which was the first really helpful input I'd had. Ross' comments helped me understand and implement important changes that needed to be made throughout the book. Bottom line, last month Poison Pen received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. As a result, Penguin has purchased the first two books in the series from Capital Crime Press, the small publisher who took it on."
    Sheila Lowe, author of Poison Pen and other titles in the Forensic Handwriting Mystery series
  • "Beth Jusino has extensive knowledge of the marketplace and provides impactful insights into how to market a book. She also writes great copy. She took my back cover copy to another level. She can take on project and run with it."
    Rich Silvers, author of Have You Seen Her
    Rich Silvers book
  • "Although the whole team did a great job, Beth Jusino was a key member for the project as an editor and developer of the marketing strategy. Her comments on the manuscript were clear, concise, and candid. She kept me honest and helped me to reach out to the reader in a more accessible manner. Her ability to understand my vision is impressive, as if it were a personal project of her own.”
    G.C Gonzalez, author of Thoughts of A Common American 
  • "Jane Ryder and the staff at The Editorial Department are first-rate. In my dealings with them I’ve found them to be prompt, professional, and extremely good at what they do. The work is innovative and creative. The company is well run too. Every time I called, someone actually answered the phone and either provided assistance or put me through to someone who could."
    C.B. Anderson, author of River Talk
    C.B. Anderson book
  • "In the time since I've been working with TED I've grown so much as a writer. It's like taking a writing class where you're the only student. I also learned how to take criticism as well, a very important skill for a writer to have."
    Bishop O’Connell, author of The Stolen
    Bishop O'Connell books
  • "I am more than impressed with the professionalism and encouragement I've received from each member of your staff, from first contact on. I cannot imagine working with anyone else from now on."
    Auburn McCanta, author of All The Dancing Birds
    Auburn McCanta book
  • "I think most of Peter Gelfan's input was spot on and will greatly assist me in improving the manuscript. It will, I now realize, be more of a deconstruct/reconstruct effort than a polish, but based on Peter's insights I think I have a good handle on how to proceed. Money well spent. "
    R.E. (Bob) McDermott, author of Deadly Straits and other titles
    R.E. McDermott books
  • "Andy Hilleman's critique touched on something that really opened the door and allowed me to take the book to the next level."
    Norman Ollestad, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy For The Storm and other titles
    Norman Ollestad books
  • "Engaging and easy to implement suggestions and changes. I'm very pleased with the results."
    Benjamin Kane Ethridge, author of Black & Orange
    Benjamin Kane Ethridge books
  • "It was such a pleasure working with Chris Fisher. Not only is he completely professional, but he has the kindness and patience of a saint. As a first time author, his guidance and knowledge were invaluable in publishing Angel. His thoroughness and attention to detail were evident in the final product. I was so pleased."
    Mary Kingsley, author of Angel and All The Pieces
    Mary Kingsley books
  • "Just because you've written a great book doesn't mean you have the skills to sell it. Even if you have a great publisher, putting a book in the hands of the right readers is a unique and time-consuming process. It requires knowledge, experience and insight that most writers don't have. Beth Jusino knows what an author needs to do in order to reach an audience.
    She understands the inner workings of a changing, shifting industry, the importance of using different mediums to promote a book, and the need to develop comprehensive plans and specific strategies to succeed as an author. Following Beth's advice, my Stonewiser fantasy series garnered thousands of new readers. That's the kind of concrete, effective, result-oriented support than an author needs to succeed these days. It's also the reason why I highly recommend Beth's services."
    Dora Machado, author of the Stonewiser series and other titles
    Stonewiser Series