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Founded in 1980 by Renni Browne, coauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and one of the most experienced book editors working in publishing today, The Editorial Department has a 34-year track record of turning promising manuscripts into successfully published books.

We have 19 editors and manuscript consultants on staff, many of whom are seasoned veterans of the traditional publishing scene and uniquely qualified to help you publish traditionally or independently to the highest standard possible. We also have a talented team of cover artists, book designers, e-book formatting and marketing specialists and a full menu of support services for authors who wish to self-publish.

Our clients include several New York Times bestselling authors and range from writers seeking publication for the first time to established authors looking to take their careers to the next level. Our highly personalized approach to helping writers reach their goals has earned us feature coverage from The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Writers Digest, and "recommended" status by the Internet's top watchdog group for writers, Preditors & Editors.

The menu above provides access to information about our staff, services, prices, and client successes. However, if you’re looking for a faster track to the information that’s most relevant to your needs, you can click the button below to answer a few short questions about your project, your publishing objectives, and what you’re seeking help with. We’ll be back in touch quickly to advise on next steps, provide a no-obligation quote, and give you all the information you need to decide if we’re the right fit for your project.

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  • 1812-by-david-nevin
  • An_Innocent_Client_by_Scott_Pratt
  • As-the-Sycamore-Grows-by-Jennie-Hlderman
  • Chicken-Lips-by-Frank-Farwell
  • China_Star_by_Maurice_Medland
  • Consierge_Medicine_by_Steven_D_Knope_M.D
  • Countryside_Front
  • Crowfoot_Ridge_by_Ann_Brandt
  • Dreaming-In-English-laura-fitzgerald
  • Fat_Chance_by_Deborah_Blumenthall
  • Jack_And_Charlie_by_Howard_Shank
  • Looking_For_Atlanta_by_Marilyn_Staats
  • Losing_Isaiah_by_Seth_Margolis
  • Marvelous_Secrets_by_Marian_Coe
  • My_Old_Man_and_the_Sea_by_David_Hays
  • Never_Knowing_Chevy_Stevens
  • Perfect_Angel_by_Seth_Margolis
  • Personal_History_Of_Thirst_by_John_Burdett
  • Rabbit_Heart_by_Colleen_Hitchcock
  • Requiem_Rose_James_Markert
  • Running_On_Empty_phillip-greene
  • Saving_Elijah_by_Fran_Dorf
  • Shylocks__Daughter_by_Erica_Jong
  • Sisters_In_Love_by_Henriette___Morris
  • Stonewiser_by_Dora_Machado
  • The_Fourth_Procedure_by_Stanley_Pottinger
  • The_Hand_Before_The_Eye_by_Donald_Freidman
  • The_Last-Six_Million_Seconds_by_John_Burdett
  • Where_I-m_Bound_by_Allen_Ballard
  • a_different_time_bystephen_clarkson_adt
  • a_for_argonaught_by_michael_stedman
  • a_lady_under_siege_by_b_g_preston
  • a_patriotic_man_by_betsy_tice_white
  • a_reasonable_madness_by_fran_dorf
  • a_white_room_by_stephanie_carroll
  • after_death_by_adam_saint
  • all_the_dancing_birds_by_auburn_mccanta
  • all_the_pieces_by_mary_kingsley
  • all_the_romance_by_brian_preston
  • aloha_magnum_by_larry_manetti
  • always_watching_by_chevy_stevens
  • angel_mary_e_kingsley
  • any_womans_blues_by_erica_jong
  • authors_guide_to_marketing_by_beth_jusino
  • beneath_the_surface-2
  • between_two_poles_by_shirley_schneider
  • blackwells_paradise_by_eva_ulett
  • book_of_hours_by_j_s_anderson
  • breaching-jerichos-walls-allan-ballard
  • brotherhood_of_the_fin
  • captain_blackwells_prize_by_ve_ulett
  • carried_by_six_by_allen_ballard
  • casual-slaughters-by-robert-carter
  • city_of_sorrows_by_susan_nadarthur
  • consumption_by_gs_johnston
  • conversations_with_the_homeless_by_s_pernatto
  • crazy_for_the_storm_norm_ollestad
  • crystal_blue_by_john_cunningham
  • darkness_of_shadows_by_chris_little
  • dazzling_darkness_by_paula_cappa
  • deadly_coast-by_re_mcdermott
  • deadly_memories_by_sarah_odonnell
  • deadly_straits_by_robert_mcdermott
  • death_in_a_wine_dark_sea_by_lisa_king
  • down-will-come-baby-gloria-murphy
  • end_of_life_companion_by_greg_yoder
  • enough_rope_by_trisha_doss
  • falling_by_clint_a_ursula_pearson
  • flight
  • foiled_by_carey_fessler
  • fools-republic-by-gordon-dale
  • green_to_go_by_john_cunningham
  • have_you_seen_her_by_rich_silvers
  • health_on_your_plate
  • heirs_and_spares_by_jennie_spohr
  • in_good_faith_by_scott_pratt
  • in_the_season_of_blood_and_gold
  • injustice-for-all-scott-pratt
  • land_of_hard_edges_by_peg_bowden
  • losing_found_things_by_brett_garcia_rose
  • losing_isiah_by_seth_margolis
  • lost_in_america_by_laura_fitzgerald_2
  • manhattan_manatoulin_by_bonnie_kogos
  • memoirs_ arent_ fairytales
  • montanamo-chris-leibig
  • morning_light_by_holland_kane
  • moth_and_the_firefly_by_daniel_stedman
  • mr_fox_by_lloyd_holm
  • never_knowing_by_chevy_stevens
  • nightblind_by_michael_sherer
  • noise_by_brett_garcia_rose
  • one_true_theory_of_love_by_laura_fitzgerald
  • our_souls_to_keep_by_g_caruso
  • patriots_reward_by_stephen_clarkson
  • peace_keeper_by_christopher_bryan
  • personal_foul_by_billy_turner
  • poison_pen_by_sheila_lowe
  • prophet_wacko_by_thomas_leo
  • red-right-return-by-john-cunningham
  • river_talk_by_cb_anderson
  • run_at_destruction_by_linda_drews.jpg
  • sea-changes-gail-graham
  • sleeping_with_mortals_bu_cathrine_goldstein
  • sleepless_nights_by_norwood_holland
  • some_glad_morning_by_gary_horton
  • soul-intent-dennis-batchelder
  • soul_identity_by_dennis_batchelder
  • spring_tide_by_k_dicke
  • st_peters_monsters_by_neva_Bryan
  • stephen_downing_is_dead_by_d_anderson
  • still-missing-chevy-stevens
  • stoneiwser_the_call_of_the_stone
  • stonwiser_lament_of_the_stone
  • that_night_by_chevy_stevens
  • the-diet-joke-lisa-pedace
  • the-fix-jeff-schneider
  • the-last-mafioso-ovid-demaris
  • the_chronicles_of_joya_by_liane_carter
  • the_club_by_elizbabeth_fellers
  • the_curse_giver_by_dora_machado
  • the_darkening_dream
  • the_fourth_procedure_by_stan_pottinger
  • the_games_by_jeff_schneider
  • the_gatekeepers_son_by_cr_fladmark
  • the_geneva_decision_by_seeley_james
  • the_heart_of_the_stone
  • the_journal
  • the_last_macklenna_by_k_l_logan
  • the_last_mafioso_by_ovid_demaris
  • the_man_in_the_garlic_tuxedo_by_mike_kenny
  • the_music_came_first_by_jack_smalley
  • the_proposal_by_martha_silver
  • the_shakespear_mask_by_newton_frolich
  • the_skin_of_water_by_g_s_johnston
  • the_stolen_by_bishop_o_connell
  • the_widows_warning_by_jamie_tinker
  • thinking_aloud_by_priya_kumar
  • thoughts_of_a_common_american_by_g_c_gonzalez
  • turkoise-joan-sargent
  • unintended_consequences_by_marti_green
  • untimed_by_andy_gavin
  • where_the_monster_weights_by_corrine_weber
  • winter_reeds_by_holland_kane
  • youth_in_asia_by_a_tiffany


  • "You really helped me see where my flaws are, so I can become a better writer. I've decided that, rather than spending money on an MFA program that will probably leave me sounding like every other MFA grad out there, I'm going to "make my own" MFA with you guys."

    Ted Snyder

    Cudahy, WI

  • "Shannon Roberts was wonderful to work with. Very demanding but also totally professional and tactful in her feedback."

    Jim Adam

    Huntersville, NC

  • "The first service I used, the manuscript evaluation, was tremendously helpful on its own and showed me which direction to take in marketing my manuscript. I opted to continue on to the next level of service with RJ, the annotation, and we worked to make my manuscript submission-ready. With RJ's help, I was able to actually sell my manuscript for publication. Not only is RJ an excellent editor, he has excellent connections in the industry and has been invaluable in helping me succeed with my sale. Thank you so much!"

    Nicole Hopeman

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • "As I've come to expect from TED, the business end was flawless and smooth. I felt as though I had a partner in the work."

    Terry Green

    Sherman Oaks, CA

  • "Apart from being an extremely gifted editor, Andy Meisenheimer is a fellow creator. Andy always seems to know when there is much more, just under the surface, waiting to burst forth, and with a skillful, light touch, he gently coaxes it out. 

    A special thanks to Ross Browne and his crew at The Editorial Department. Doug Wagner's proofread of Road Signs was quite excellent.." 

    road-signs-jay-archer-davidJay Archer David, author of Road Signs

  • "My entire experience with TED so far has been 100% positive. You all project yourselves with total professionalism."

    Ken Warner

    Coventry, CT

  • ""This is the third time I've engaged The Editorial Department and the third time I've been more than satisfied. Your editors are friendly, helpful, and easy to work with. They give thoughtful and valuable feedback and make strong suggestions to help improve the manuscript. I'm very pleased with the work Shannon did."

    Christopher Buecheler

    Providence, RI

  • "During the process of designing my book, All the Dancing Birds, I had the pleasure of working with Chris Fisher and the amazing staff of The Editorial Department. From the first day, I found their work on my behalf to be professional, meticulous and of the utmost quality. Chris and his design team gave me a book cover and interior that went well beyond my expectations."

    all the dancing birds by auburn mccantaAuburn McCanta, author of All The Dancing Birds

  • "I was very impressed with The Editorial Department. From the first phone call when I spoke to Jane Ryder I knew this was going to be a good experience. She was very nice and offered helpful advice. Karinya Funsett-Topping's Manuscript Evaluation was detailed, informative and very helpful. She clearly outlined the next stepsRead more...

  • "Peter Gelfan's evaluation helped me to revise and significantly improve my manuscript. Very pleasant and effective."

    Patrick Thompson

    Georgetown, SC

  • "Shannon, Liz, Ross and Jane all have been upbeat and helpful through the entire process. This time around Shannon asked me to do some editorial things I'd never done and Jane assisted with links and screen shots that really helped. Jane's knowledge of different word and computer programs made it quick and easy and brought my own editorial abilities to a new level. I'm grateful for the skill and knowledge you all possess."

    Barbara Ledingham

    Seattle, WA

  • "I had no idea what to expect when I sent you the manuscript, and I am SO GLAD I did. I'm ready to begin the revision, and thanks to your feedback, I know what to do. I frankly feel like I've gotten an education from this process, an invaluable one. It was far worth every penny."

    Melanie Reese Senn

    San Luis Obispo, CA

  • "I was delighted with the detailed comments about my manuscript and welcomed the straight forward suggestions of what worked and what needed to be strengthened. I was looking for that proverbial, objective red pencil and I got it. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience that veered me down paths I wouldn't have thought of on my own."

    Millie Richmond

    Sebring, FL

  • "The care you took with this shows on every page. Your edits were wonderful, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate them. You not only removed the filler so the rest shines, but also improved the best stuff as well. As I've seen, good editing has a truly incredible multiplier effect: you cut 10% and make something 40% better."

    Scott Reardon

    Los Angeles, CA

  • "I've played this game for a long time, and I know the value of solid editing. You're right---it's a leap of faith. Freelance editors hover at conferences like hungry vultures---all promising to praise, promote, and otherwise polish my prose. Who do we chose? For me it was easy. The fact that TED's the spinoff of Self Editing For Fiction Writers made my choice easy."

    Tim McAteer

    Colorado Springs, CO

  • "Working with Shannon has been wonderful. She gets it. And for my third go around she remembers all the details and is excellent with fine tuning. She can be tough and I don't always want to hear what she has to say, but as it sinks in I realize she's usually right. What's been missing in my writing career is a professional editor. Thanks so much."

    Barbara Wahl Ledingham

    Seattle, WA

  • "A very helpful set of services and exceptionally talented staff. My critique and evaluation were delivered to me in a timely manner. The quality of commentary was very helpful and critiques were articulate, allowing me to improve my manuscript."

    Lee Libro

    Lakewood Ranch, FL

  • "Betsy White was exceedingly helpful, insightful, encouraging, and most important, always available. My experience was a very positive one."

    Lloyd Holm

    Washington, IA

  • "I was pleased with the prompt responses, professionalism, knowledge of craft, and caring I experienced. It really did feel like you guys were allies. I appreciated the sense of 'we're in this together' and the helpful and useful feedback."

    Barbara Ledingham

    Seattle, WA

  • "TED's manuscript evaluation of "The Darkness at Dawn" was spot on. Andrew Hilleman identified both the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to move forward with clearly defined objectives for my next draft. Andrew's insights have given me the confidence I need to rewrite and edit knowing that I am on the right track. I will be using TED's services again when I complete my next draft."

    Pamela Roberts Lee

    Alamogordo, NM

  • "While Peter Gelfan guided me down the path to write more like a professional and introduced me to the world of solid plots, Renni Browne and Shannon Roberts' annotated editing turned me into an honest recorder of my characters' voices and behaviors. That's way better than just being a clever writer. I think that any writer who doesn't use an intelligent editor(s) won't ever know how good their work might be."

    Charlene Dietz

    Torreon, NM

  • "I am more than impressed with the professionalism and encouragement I've received from each member of your staff, from first contact on. I cannot imagine working with anyone else from now on."

    all the dancing birds by auburn mccantaAuburn McCanta, author of All The Dancing Birds

  • "I was extremely pleased with both the thoroughness and honesty of the evaluation of my manuscript. John Marlow is a great help, and quite clearly knows what he is talking about. At no time did I feel talked down to, despite the fact that this is my first novel.Read more...

  • "John Marlow did the Introductory critique on my manuscript, as well as a manuscript evaluation, which just came in this weekend. His feedback has been incredibly helpful. My entire experience with TED so far has been 100% positive. You all project yourselves with total professionalism. Thanks for everything."

    Ken Warner

    Coventry, CT

  • "Engaging and easy to implement suggestions and changes. I'm very pleased with the results."

    black-and-orange-benjamin-kane-ethridgeBenjamin Kane Ethridge, author of Black & Orange


  • "The comments received and questions raised open up new avenues to explore and generate new ideas that would not have occurred to me otherwise. The encouragement is a real boost to my confidence and inspires me to think bigger and bolder. This service has made a tremendous difference in my development as a writer. It's like attending a private writing class."

    Estela BErnal

    Portland, OR

  • "I now know why so many authors in their acknowledgments say,'This book would not be what it is if not for such and such editor.' Peter Gelfan is one of those editors"

    Bud Kenny

    Hot Springs, AR

  • "Jen Howard's remarks were a nice mix of instructional and complimentary. I did expect her to hone in on problems, which she did, but the comments about aspects she liked surprised me. My former editor only remarked on what needed to be changed. I WON'T use him again! Ever!"

    Sarah Bates

    Fallbrook, CA

  • "Betsy Tice White helped me add humor and clarity to my writing. This, in addition to her superb editing, organizational skills and constant encouragement makes her a first class editor."

    John S. Palmer

    Washington, DC

  • "I can't say I was surprised by the experience because the reputation of your firm is well established. I can say that my experience was as satisfactory as I'd expected. I intend to continue using your service in the future. I am very optimistic that with the guidance of your editorial team, my manuscript will be much improved and seen through to publication."

    Joseph Bearor

    Cambridge, NY

  • "I've been very pleased. I feel that the quality of my writing has increased tremendously in my work with Betsy White."

    John Middleton

    Hurst, TX

  • "We received superb advice from Peter Gelfan. He nailed the book's structural problems and gave us the the tools to fix them."

    Rick Becker and Ann Brandvig

    Portland, OR

  • "Your level of service exceeded my expectations. Ross Browne patiently answered my questions, concerns and made this experience pleasant and fulfilling. Jen Howard was a pleasure to work with. Her evaluation was honest, hopeful and her direction brought my writing to a whole new level. I appreciate everything TED has done for me and I'm grateful for all your help!"

    Marni Mann

    Bradenton, FL

  • "I followed about 90% of Beth Jusino's recommendations. Then I submitted to three editors. One (a S&S imprint) has offered a contract which we are looking at right now. I credit the improvement in the quality of my manuscript to the work I received from TED. I plan to do the same thing with the next book."

    Jay Faubion

    Danville, IN

  • "I really didn't know what to expect when I submitted a sample of my work for the introductory critique. I was so pleasantly surprised by the feedback, that I submitted my work for the manuscript evaluation.  I recommend this service to any writer who wants a balanced, constructive appraisal of his or her work."

    Mark Davis

    Columbus, Ohio

  • "Renni Browne has an hysterical sense of humor and she gets it. She gets the pain of a writer trying to find the words, changes everything for the better with one red line and though tough in her critique sometimes, does so with a true desire to develop something good into something great. 

    Confessions Of A CorporateSlut by Jaqueline GumJacqueline Gum, author of Confessions of a Corporate Slut


  • "I think most of Peter Gelfan's input was spot on and will greatly assist me in improving the manuscript. It will, I now realize, be more of a deconstruct/reconstruct effort than a polish, but based on Peter's insights I think I have a good handle on how to proceed. Money well spent. "

    R.E. (Bob) McDermott

    deadly straits by robert mcdermottAuthor of Deadly Straits and other titles

  • "I have been very happy in my experience with the Editorial Department thus far. For a young writer such as myself, the commentary goes beyond the piece in question to serve as a sort of education in and of itself."

    Taylor Brown

    San Francisco, CA

  • "I have been entirely pleased with my experience with TED from the first email response through my most recent interchanges with Jen Howard. There are a lot of services listed on the web that seem untrustworthy and interested only in profiting from desperate authors. I went to TED on the basis of the excellent book on self-editing and I never had a moment of doubt about the professionalism and honesty of the company."

    Paul Machlis

    Felton, California

  • "Renni Browne's comments, her grace and ability to correct and teach at the same time, have advanced my writing skills. She is a joy!"

     manhattan manatoulin by bonnie kogosBonnie Kogos, author of Manhattan, Manitoulin

  • "I appreciate Peter Gelfan's expertise as an editor. My manuscript was rejected at least 15+ times by various people. Peter saw the flaw in my manuscript and offered to help. I must admit, it's the best offer I ever accepted. Now, the project is moving along. He keeps me focused and his editorial skills exceeded my expectations. So glad I explored using an editor on this journey."

    Valerie L. Rice

    Lansing, MI

  • "All the staff at The Editorial Department answered questions in a prompt and gracious manner. My work with Beth Jusino was great. She gave me feedback and asked questions regarding my novel which gave me a greater vision of the storyline."

    Patricia Patterson

    Atlanta, GA

  • "I have received the report and am very pleased both with the invaluable advice and gentle way it was presented."

    Nicholas Chiarkas,

    Middleton, WI

  • "I am completely blown away by the feedback from Renni Browne and Shannon Roberts - and feel more encouraged than ever that this is the type of novel writing I want to transition my career into. That kind of clear and concise feedback is absolutely invaluable, and I can see now why so many published authors continue to work with TED after succeeding."

    Mags Storey, award-winning Canadian author

    Newmarket, ONT

  • "I really like working with The Editorial Department not only because the editing work is excellent and professional and the editors are very nice and knowledgeable, but also because the staff (especially Jane Ryder) is extremely helpful and always make me feel welcome."

    Yveta Germano

    Alpharetta, GA

  • "Thorough and professional. Betsy White gave valuable suggestions that led to a major rewrite of my manuscript."

    Harold Thorpe

    Butte des Mortes, WI

  • "I engaged TED for three services: introductory critique, manuscript annotation of the first half of the novel, and developmental editing. I worked with Peter Gelfan on all of these, and received much valuable advice. His guidance on story development has been a revelation for me.  It has saved me a year -- probably more -- of wasting time on ideas that don't work. He has given me a new perspective on writing novels. Worth the money? Without a doubt."

    Mary Maddox

  • "We are happy with Peter Gelfan's help, and feel he did a great job. This being our first book, we had no idea how hard it would be to write, and Peter's hand holding was a strong aide for us. Peter did a phenomenal job building more character into our book and streamlining it. Overall, we are happy and would work with Peter again."

    Ben Miller & Travis Wolfe

    Grandville, MI

  • "I was so pleased with Pete Garceau's ability to capture the essence of Angel with his cover design. It has caught the eyes of so many who might not otherwise have been willing to give a new author a chance.

    They say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but I say a great cover is everything! Pete knows what he's doing."

    angel mary e kingsleyMary E. Kingsley, author of Angel and All The Pieces

  • "Andy Hilleman's critique touched on something that really opened the door and allowed me to take the book to the next level."

    crazy for the storm norm ollestadNorm Ollestad, author of Crazy for the Storm (a New York Times bestseller)

  • "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experiences with the professionals at the Editorial Department. They helped me write my second book, from initial concept to manuscript completion, in less than two months."

    Consierge Medicine by Steven D Knope M.DSteven Knope, MD,  Author of Concierge Medicine

  • "Jane Ryder and the staff at The Editorial Department are first-rate. In my dealings with them I’ve found them to be prompt, professional, and extremely good at what they do. The work is innovative and creative. The company is well run too. Every time I called, someone actually answered the phone and either provided assistance or put me through to someone who could."

    Cynthia Anderson

    Arlington, MA

  • "Excellent communication and professional in every sense of the word. I plan to work with them again in the future."

    Jeff Bolinger

    Hampton, Australia

  • Ross Browne and Jane Ryder were absolutely delightful. Ross had Shannon Roberts, TED's fantasy expert, evaluate my manuscript. It was, at the same time, the most enlightening and most excruciating experience I've ever had. Ms. Roberts was kind enough to let me vent and even helped me work through the many changes she suggested. Though difficult at first, I've managed to implement most of the changes and the manuscript is indescribably better as a result. The value of TED's services has been inestimable. I will be forever indebted to them."

    John Robbins

    Mesa, Arizona

  • "I was looking for some honest analysis. Peter Gelfan pointed out the good and the bad. Peter's questions about the audience helped me solidify them my mind. It was not the audience that Peter thought it was. In our phone conversation Peter suggested some changes I might make to make the book more appealing to the audience I identified. That type of flexibility is extremely helpful. Knowing the audience is one of the keys to writing and solidifying it in my mind will make the resulting book better."

    Chris Delap

    Charlotte, NC

  • "I found TED through a recommendation of one of my favorite authors. I was honestly blown away with their professionalism and customer service through the entire process.

    Their communication, as well as the work they performed exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to everyone I know who is working on a self-publishing project."

     Lorilee Lippincott

    Omaha, Nebraska

  • "John Marlow and I have worked on a development outline of my manuscript for three months. To have 20 hours, one-on-one with John on the phone has been absolutely invaluable to me; the best investment I've ever made. I trust him completely and feel that he has my best interests at heart. I can't say enough of how much I've learned from him. Thanks John. Thanks TED. I'll be back for more." 

    Ulla Hakanson

    Nanoose Bay, BC

  • "Personable communication tailored to my needs. Pleasure to work with, gave excellent advice and delivered excellent feedback."

    Steve Little

    Westfield, NJ

  • "Renni Browne is tough but in a good way. She's also supportive, complimentary, encouraging, and funny as heck. When she tells you something is falling flat, she means it, and when she tells you she loves something, she means it. And when I say Renni has been a wonderful editor, mentor, support-system, cheerleader, coach, and now someone I call a friend, and I mean it."

    still-missing-chevy-stevensChevy Stevens, best-selling Author of Still Missing and other titles

    Vancouver Island, BC

  • "I appreciated the frank criticism along with the suggestions to improve the work. It has definitely improved dramatically the end product. This input from TED has been a worthwhile investment."

    George Sopasakis

    College Station, TX

  • "You guys are really nice and supportive, feel sort of like family even though I never met you."

    Leslie Rollins

    Reston, VA

  • "I am not objective when it comes to The Editorial Department. Everyone was professional, friendly, encouraging, and gave terrific advice. I learned so much, but the lesson that will stick with me is that I put my trust in The Editorial Department in the first place."

    Heather Denniss

    Oregon, Ohio

  • "I loved working with TED. Everyone I was in contact with was very professional. Mark Febbo's comments were insightful and helpful. He was also very generous with praise where appropriate, which was heartening. I had a tight timeline and the review, re-read, as well as the copy editing by Doug Wagner, were all within my timeline. I really appreciated this. Thanks."

    Manju Soni

    Mystic, CT

  • "Erin Wilcox's report and comments were first class and have reignited my passion for Caterpillar Heaven and although I have a fair bit more work to do on it now, I feel more confident and excited about the direction it is heading in. I will definitely be enlisting your services again with my next draft. Looking forward to it, in fact."

    Zoe Basil

    Somerset, UK

  • "Renni Browne's comments are clear and straightforward. They resonate with me. They not only help improve a particular scene, but help make me a better writer while maintaining the essence of the story I'm trying to relate. It is exactly what I was hoping to get from this service."

    Rich Silvers

    Yorktown Heights, NY

  • "I had several "ah ha!" moments when Renni Browne or Shannon Roberts pinpointed weak areas in the plot - and offered solutions. Both editors had ideas about how to add depth to main characters and spice up the conflict. Renni suggested I expand a key idea and bring it into the first chapter, which has increased the stakes and made the main characters worthy of a reader's interest and concern.  

    The annotation was incredibly thorough - a full critique plus many specific notes in the body of the manuscript. Something stopped my novel from being riveting. Renni zeroed in with her laser insight to illuminate the murky areas and shine a light on the right path."

    S.E. Floyd

    Temple Terrace, FL

  • "Beth Jusino is amazing. I glanced at the document with her comments and I am so impressed. She really "got" what I was trying to do with the story and her ideas are fantastic. Thank you for spending so much time helping to make this story better. She made great suggestions and I can see my story growing stronger when I implement her ideas."

    Joya Fields

    Glenwood, MD

  • "I feel lucky. I feel humbled. But most of all, I feel grateful. I'm grateful to everyone at the Editorial Department, and especially grateful to Renni Browne. Without them, my dream would not have come true."

    Scott Pratt (Author of An Innocent Client and In Good Faith)

    Johnson City, TN

  • "Sometimes this writing process is a bit lonely. We're sticking our necks out and have no idea if we're the only ones that care what we've written. The Editorial Department changes this for me. I've come to think of TED as my easily accessible writing family. Like a good family, TED tells me what works, what doesn't, and shows me how to push forward. Peter Gelfan lends an incredible mind to this process, and your website offers writers information they'll not find anywhere else."


    Charlene Dietz

    Torreon, NM

  • "I was extremely pleased with the evaluation I received. At first, I was disappointed that I only got six pages of notes, but then I read them and went into panic mode. There was so much work to do! But after digesting the contents of the evaluation, I realized that they were exactly what I needed, and my book would be so much better if I did what Andy Meisenheimer said. I'm very happy with the outcome."

    Sonja Hutchinson

    Olympia, WA

  • "Working with Jane Ryder and Shannon Roberts was great. I really felt like a valued customer. They were both professional and fun to work with. The annotation was beyond what I was expecting and it totally helped me to fix a lot of issues I have been having with my writing."

    John Logsdon

    Willow Spring, NC

  • "I feel like its been very positive, especially when I read through my earliest drafts. Jen Howard had to sift through a lot of muck and yet their reports were so positive and helpful. I look forward to working with Jen in the future. She has instilled the mentality in me that I can't just pick up a pen and wing it. There are no shortcuts to writing a novel. Basically, I feel like I've learned more than I can put into words. Thank you."

    Jeff Regan

    Camden, IN

  • "Jen Howard returned my evaluation before its due date. She was honest and helpful. I will take her advice as I re-write my current and future novels."

    Holly Pridemore

    Las Vegas, NV

  • "You're providing a very useful service to writers in search of that increasingly elusive commodity: a detailed and knowledgeable critique of a book's strengths and weaknesses. I was very pleased with my manuscript evaluation. I found your prices to be fair in terms of the services delivered and the professionals providing them."

    Mimi Jones Hedwig

    New York, NY

  • Paul Re"I expected a good experience from the staff and editors at TED, since I'd heard good things about them. I wasn't disappointed. From the first emails to the final discussion over the phone with my editor, my expectations were met. There is no doubt that TED has made me a better writer."

    Paul Rempel


  • Where the Monster Waits began as a 120k wordy manuscript full of grammatical missteps and irrelevant diversions. Enter TED. The team drove through two content edits and one line edit to create a razor sharp storyline. Some comments were hard to take. I had to walk away and not respond for a couple of days (as per their suggestion). But they were right; I was in for a much longer road of revisions than anticipated. 
    Providing direct communication with the editors (a luxury not afforded by some editing and publishing houses), TED facilitated the relationship between author and team. Basically, I would have tossed the book idea aside many times had I not received personal emails from several editors telling me to press on - that my story had merit and would be of benefit for those suffering with an eating disorder.
    If you're looking for a great editorial house, the search is over when you find TED.
    Sondra Weber
    Orange, CA
  • "It's nice to have a seasoned pair of eyes on my work. As a first-time novelist, adhering to the wrong counsel could instill bad habits for me. But Peter Gelfan has seen a lot and has guided authors through to publication, so his opinion carries a lot of weight with me."

    Anthony Miller

    Cumming, GA

  • "One hour of personal consultation with John Marlow kicked my novel's climax from a great ending to a killer ending! In one hour he was able to help me ratchet up the suspense, create some additional unique, memorable scenes and bring a couple of my characters to vibrant life."

    Brett Valette, Ph.D.,

    Superior, CO

  • "I never would've developed as a fiction writer without the Editorial Department. The advice is invaluable, the insight brilliant, and the people exceptional. And, thankfully, their services are affordable. Go ahead, check around."

    the-discovery-of-scoket-greeny-by-tony-bertauskiTony Bertauski, author of The Discovery of Socket Greeny

    Summerville, SC

  • "Shannon Roberts is the most significant piece in my writing. Before working with TED, I expected tons of red ink with "this is no good," "this doesn't make sense," "this needs more work...". Instead, I received constructive criticism - 'This doesn't work, this is why it doesn't work, and here are two ways you could fix it.' Shannon helped educate me in novel writing and because she took the time to really understand and evaluate my work, she was able to lift much of the writers block off my shoulders. This gave me the motivation to press forward, take my lumps and learn from my mistakes. Shannon Roberts is invaluable and I couldn't have made it this far without her. I look forward to working with her and TED in the very near future."

    Jay Price

    Imperial Beach, CA

  • "I expect to work more with Beth Jusino once I can get the time to work more on my manuscript. I was impressed by the length and extent of her evaluation and suggestions for improvement."

    Virginia Locastro

    Bethesda, MD

  • "Very satisfactory at all levels.  The interactions with my editor, Jen Howard, have been very pleasant, and her comments and suggestions are extremely helpful, not only for revising this one manuscript, but also for acquiring a better understanding of all of the elements involved in the writing of a novel." 

    Maria S. Sanchez

    San Francisco, CA

  • "In the time since I've been working with TED I've grown so much as a writer. It's like taking a writing class where you're the only student. I also learned how to take criticism as well, a very important skill for a writer to have."

    Bishop O'Connell

    Manchester, NH

  • "Several years ago Ross Browne critiqued my manuscript, Poison Pen (a mystery introducing handwriting expert, Claudia Rose), which was the first really helpful input I'd had.  Ross' comments helped me understand and implement important changes that needed to be made throughout the book.

    Bottom line, last month Poison Pen received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. As a result, Penguin has purchased the first two books in the series from Capital Crime Press, the small publisher who took it on."

    poison pen by sheila loweSheila Lowe, author of Poison Pen and other titles


  • "I started with your most basic service, the ten page critique, and spent the next couple of years working through the other editorial services as I needed them. Each time the comments were a well balanced combination of encouragement and frank criticism. Each round of service took my book to a higher plain. What I see now is that y'all taught me how to write my novel. And I do mean my novel. No one tried to change my story but simply pointed out ways to make the writing better. Two years ago, one editor said he wasn't sure if The Pursuit of Justice would ever be a marketable novel. Last month Kirkus Reviews called it "an auspicious debut ..." Thank You!"

    Ben Matthews

    Florence, SC

  • "I feel the comments and annotations were helpful and even more important, instructive. It's like a personalized download of college-level critique focused on my work, my writing skills and techniques. Awesome."

    Robin Merrill

    Mesa, AZ

  • "Peter Gelfan is just the right fit for me. I get the feeling he really understands what I'm trying to do and he has the expertise and sensitivity to help me do it.

    I'm so glad I'm not alone in all this."

    Charlie Knudsen

    Shizuoka, Japan

  • "I really like the job she did. I also liked the timeliness in which everything was processed. I will definitely use your service again."

    Judy H.

    Ocala, FL

  • "Jane Ryder is an excellent handshake at the door. Got the immediate impression that she is the major domo with a very warm personality. Karinya Funsett-Topping has been prompt and thorough with trustworthy professional guidance. Doug Wagner I trust completely with the details. Peter Gelfan was very helpful as a focusing lens to guide me in reevaluating the manuscript. I was in the hands of very competent professionals who did not BS me on the work but sincerely gave guidance and encouragement, not just to string me along for another payment. I felt this team looked after me and my work, rather than just doing another business deal."

    Stephen Foehr

    Louisville, CO

  • "I came to The Editorial Department through Renni Browne and Dave King's Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. I had hoped The Editorial Department would have the same excellence, candor, and good spirit suffusing Renni and Dave's book. It does -- and then some. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help bring out the best in my manuscript. They gave me great value for the money." 

    Mike Lusk

    Geneva, IL

  • "Excellent input, great communication. Felt personally connected to each person I spoke with. Their caring and support are incredible. I especially enjoyed the honest feedback and the way the criticisms were given.I have become a better writer as a result of my interaction with Betsy White and the rest of the Editorial Dept."

    Tommy Black

    Midway, GA

  • "Peter Gelfan brought a fresh perspective into the picture, along with a great sense of humor, a ton of patience, and many brilliant ideas. Writing a book is a protracted and sometimes intimidating process, but having The Editorial Department to fall back on makes the going much easier."

    Louise Vimmerstedt

    Tucson, AZ

  • "I was very pleased by the time and attention John Marlow had obviously given my first ten pages. And the perceptiveness and practicality of what he pointed out did indeed exceed my expectations. This first encounter has given me the confidence to pursue the relationship further, and I'm looking forward to doing that in the near future."


    Michael C. Boxall

    North Vancouver, BC

  • "I've digested Renni Browne and Shannon Roberts' notes, comments, suggestions and encouragement and can honestly say I've never been more fired up about a rewrite. Their insights, thoughtful analyses and gentle techniques for steering me past my thousand squishy sentences have given me the tools and ideas I need to put the final polish on Killer, Cop and Me.'"

    Jane Howatt

    Oak View, CA

  • "I have been extremely pleased with the services that the Editorial Department has provided me. Shannon Barefield's proofreading and editing of my children's book was excellent. Andy Hilleman's critique and guidance for my ongoing struggle with my novel has been invaluable as I forge ahead with this project. The office staff has been particularly supportive. Thank you Liz Felix and Jane Ryder in particular for your help and support. Tucson is so very lucky to have access to such a fantastic service!

    Mary Jane Overall

    Tucson, AZ

  • "John Marlow's critique far surpassed my expectations. It was exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for. He pointed out problems that I probably never would have seen on my own due to my familiarity with the material. I had no idea he would be so thorough. Very professionally done."

    Dave Erickson

    Iowa City, IA

  • "My experience has been wonderful. Jesse Steele and Jane Ryder are very professional. My Manuscript Evaluation helped point out the good and the bad in my book. This helped me focus on the specific issues needed, instead of floundering endlessly on revisions. I have recommended TED to my writing friends and will continue to do so."

    Carla Rehse

    Copperas Cove, TX

  • "I've learned more about fiction writing working with Renni Browne, Ross Browne, and Shannon Roberts than I did completing my graduate writing program. Their insights regarding my manuscript were invaluable."

    Mark Ziebart

    Boulder, CO

  • "It was such a pleasure working with Chris Fisher. Not only is he completely professional, but he has the kindness and patience of a saint. As a first time author, his guidance and knowledge were invaluable in publishing Angel. His thoroughness and attention to detail were evident in the final product. I was so pleased."

    angel mary e kingsleyMary Kingsley, author of Angel and All The Pieces


  • "Shannon Robert's comments gave me an objective overview of the problems areas within my manuscript. The suggestions offered were insightful and evidence that she had read the manuscript and carefully considered the areas that needed work. Without her suggestions I would have sent this work out too early in its evolution... and with literary agents and publishers, we really only get one chance to make that all important first impression. So, it was much needed reality check. I know the manuscript will be stronger as a result. I fully intend to continue working with the Editorial Department to take the book to the next stage."

    Shuna Meade

    Dartmouth, Devon, UK

  • "Well, after my sobs subsided, I realized Andy Meisenheimer's comments were right on. He pointed out the flaws I knew were there but couldn't identify. Thanks for choosing him to read my long, long manuscript. Based on his remarks I suspect the reading was arduous."

    Sarah Bates

    Fallbrook, CA

  • "I learned more about good writing from Beth Jusino's annotations and feedback than from any post-grad course I've done. I hate to think what I might have put out there without her great advice."

    Bobbie Cole

    New Brunswick, Canada

  • "Although the whole team did a great job, Beth Jusino was a key member for the project as an editor and developer of the marketing strategy. Her comments on the manuscript were clear, concise, and candid. She kept me honest and helped me to reach out to the reader in a more accessible manner. Her ability to understand my vision is impressive, as if it were a personal project of her own.

    thoughts of a common american by g c gonzalezG.C Gonzalez, author of Thoughts of A Common American: I've Had Enough



  • "I've been writing for ten years to marginal avail. But with assistance from TED my skills have accelerated. I could not have taken my novel to where it is now headed without you. Feedback is direct but encouraging, at times painful, worth every penny."

     waterfall-dance-by-andrew-quinnAndrew Quinn, author of Waterfall Dance

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